"Animal Rescue" weekly television series

Rescue Stories

 Saving Swiffer - Megan R.  Sarge, a Story of Love & Survival - Faith M.

Koi Pond Rescue - Joy H.

Roadside Rescue - Keisha & Sally

My Dog Midgee - Michael M.

Helping Dolphins - Wendy A.

Saving Luke - Maryann E.

Iguana - Janet P.

Baby Squirrels Rescue - Mark B.

Volunteers to the Rescue - Nicole E.

Saving Sheba - Ruth D.

Baby Bird Rescue - William F.

Rescued Horse - Joyce G.

The Will To Live - Cindy & Rusty H.

Cat Safety - Angie P.

Great Pyranees Rescue - Linda S.

Accident- prone Cat - Emily C

Ice Storm Rescue - Milt & Linda S.

Miracle Kitty - Stacey S.

Cat on the Bridge - Anon.

Freedom the Cat - Jill.

The Loon - Jane D.

Trapped Horse - Marilyn W.

Saving a Pomeranian - Linell H.

Fighting Frostbite - Kathy R.

Choking on a ball - Kristina R.

Saving A Sparrow - Milt & Linda S.

Second Chance - Jim B.

Rescued Ferret - Marie F.

Mitchell Centre - Sarah L.

Precious Persian - Laurie K.

E.A.R.L. - Judy B.

Montana Equine Rescue - Christina P.

Rescueing Katie - Judy B.

Rescued Yorkie - Audrey F.

Tight Squeeze - Robert S.

Tanner (a poem) - Elizabeth T.

Hurricane Rescue - Ruth M.

Dumped - Andrea D.

Saving dogs and cats - Arlene M.

Deer Rescue - Jody S.

Daysha to the Rescue - Samantha R.

Found at the Pound - Diane G.

Our Dog Colleen - Laurie B.

Kitten Nearly Drowns - Nikki

Abandoned Bears - Brigitte I.

Helping dogs in Georgia - Gloria R.

My Dog Lucky - Cherish S.

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